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On the Atomic Cluster Expansion: interatomic potentials and beyond

Christoph Ortner
Department of Mathematics, University of British Columbia, Canada

Commentary on

R. Drautz, “Atomic cluster expansion for accurate and transferable interatomic potentials”, Phys. Rev. B, 99:014104 (2019),

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Statement of Significance

The Atomic Cluster Expansion (ACE) provides a systematically improvable, universal descriptor for the environment of an atom that is invariant to permutation, translation and rotation. ACE is being used extensively in newly emerging interatomic potentials based on machine learning. This commentary discusses the ACE framework and its potential impact.

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C. Ortner, "On the Atomic Cluster Expansion: interatomic potentials and beyond", PRB, 99:014104 (2019),
KIM REVIEW, Volume 1, Article 01, 2023. DOI: 10.25950/c7f24234

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